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Our Economy is making it difficult for small businesses to survive.

We decided to make a commitment to each other and our communities

by working together and giving back.

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Few people know where the collision repair shops are located in their community.

Statistics say you will be involved in an accident once every 7 years.

When an accident happens most people don’t know where to turn.
If you already know us, your local collision shop, it takes the stress out of “where to go”.
We will help you through the entire claim and repair process.

We stay connected with our local communities using collaboration and the power of the Internet.

We get to know you before an accident, so you will know whom to trust in your time of need.

Every person is defined by the communities they belong to!

Orson Scott Card

Just in an auto accident?

You will need to know this information before talking to your insurance company.

What is a Direct Repair Program (DRP) or Preferred Shop List?

A program created by the Insurance Company and is a contractual agreement

with the collision shop to repair their customer’s vehicles.


A Few Facts About Direct Repair Programs:

Very few Body Shops in your community have the opportunity to participate in these programs – it’s limited.

Not all Body Shops choose to participate in these programs.

Just because a Body Shop is on a DRP program doesn’t mean it is a quality shop or vice versa.

Insurance Companies may direct you to one of their shops by telling you they offer a lifetime guarantee, when in fact, this is provided by the shop themselves.

Most reputable shops offer a guarantee regardless if they have an agreement with the insurance company – be sure to ask!


Don’t be swayed away from your shop of choice by your insurance company.

Doing so poses an adverse affect on your community. There are many body shops in neighborhoods that contribute to organizations and causes. When a business starts losing their loyal customers because of such programs, they have to limit their contributions or in worse cases shut their doors.

When business is directed by an outside source it takes away all competitive advantages.  Customers may feel intimidated if directed to a certain shop by the insurance company.  And, when the thought of not getting a guarantee is added, it simply makes the choice to choose a DRP an easy one to make.


Understand You Have A Choice!

Make the choice your own.  Bring back the competitive advantage to all collision repair shops across the U.S.


Collision Repair Information

Information you should know from the manufacturer
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Helping Communities Grow

If your shop isn't on our list, ask them to become a member of Body Shop Nation!